Buy Dispatch

Buying a ceramic monolith catalysts and we in our office in the village street Oława Portowa 1 (Dombud batching plant area), and affiliates of our company in OławaBrzozowa 11 Street.

Conditions for buying mail order:

Ceramic monolith catalyst or to be packed safely attaching your contact informationalong with account number and a signed agreement of sale, which you can get from usby e-mail.
Packed and addressed ceramic monolith catalyst or to be sent to:

ul. Brzozowa 11
55-200 Oława

Upon receipt by our company, ceramic monolith catalyst or make an individualevaluation and inform the client about the offer price.
If you do not agree with the proposed purchase price, refer ceramic monolith catalystor at their own expense.
There is a possibility to negotiate prices.

We invite you to cooperation!