Welcome to the website of ART-POL GlobalKat !

We buy catalysts, ceramic, metal and ceramic monolith.

The company is GlobalKat reliable company that always cares for the welfare of the client.
Our company offers the best prices in the market buying catalysts.

  • We offer free assistance in the valuation of goods and the customer.
  • We are provided with specialized equipment, so that we can make a credible and fair valuation of the goods.
  • We have all the necessary permits for the transport and disposal of spent catalysts.
  • We act quickly and professionally, never behind with payments.
  • We buy quantities of both wholesale and retail.
  • We purchase by sending.
  • If we get more goods to the customer.
  • Issue a VAT invoice.

If you have any questions or doubts, you will find friendly and professional service.
In cooperation with our company we guarantee mutual satisfaction.

If you have catalysts and want to get rid of them call us or come!
Our headquarters is located in Jelcz-Laskowice Street. Grange 4th


Please remember that each individual has a ceramic catalyst price. It depends on the content of precious metals, and the current price on world markets, while the price for metal catalysts and ceramic monolithsdepends on their weight.